CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Building & Construction

CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)


The CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) requires the successful completion of 16 units of competency:

  • 13 Core units, and
  • 3 elective units

In order to meet the requirements of the Building Authority for registration as a domestic builder however, BCTA has select 4 elective units for all students.


This program runs for 48 weeks of training delivery with an additional 2 weeks to ensure all assessment requirements have been met. BCTA have grouped the units into 6 different modules according to the following timetable:


Week Module Units of Competency
2 Program Introduction and Planning CPCCBC4025A Manage personal work priorities and professional development (Elective)
3 – 17



Topic 1: Codes, Standards and Structures CPCCBC4001A Apply Building codes and standards to the construction process for low-rise building projects (Core)

CPCCBC4010B Apply structural principles to residential low-rise constructions (Core)

CPCCBC4011B Apply structural principles to commercial low-rise constructions (Core)

18 – 24



Topic 2: Contracts, Plans and Specifications CPCCBC4009B Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects (Core)

CPCCBC4003A Select and prepare a construction contract (Core)

CPCCBC4012B Read and interpret plans and specifications (Core)

25 – 32



Topic 3: Pre-Site CPCCBC4004A Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects (Core)

CPCCBC4005A Produce labour and material schedules for ordering (Core)

CPCCBC4007A Plan building or construction work (Core)

33 – 40


Topic 4: On-Site CPCCBC4002A Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace (Core)

CPCCBC4006B Select, procure and store construction materials for low rise projects (Core)

CPCCBC4008B Conduct on-site supervision of building and construction projects (Core)

CPCCBC4021A Minimise waste on the building and construction site (Elective)


41 – 48


Topic 5: Establish a Small Construction Business BSBSMB406A Manage small business finances (Core)

BSBSMB404A Undertake small business planning (Elective)

BSBSPMG411 Apply project quality management techniques (Elective)


The program can be delivered through classroom based training or one-on-one coaching.


Entry Requirements

It is essential that students must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Pre Training Review
  • LLN



Please see the indicative fee schedule attached under documents tab

Delivery Methods

We start by providing you with the organisational and planning skills to identify your goals and organise your work and study commitments in order to achieve a positive outcome.

We then provide the necessary legislative and regulatory theory that underpins all building work, along with the structural principles.

You then move into the contracts, plans and specifications which guide the project, followed by the tasks required prior to setting up the site and then we look at how things are done on-site.

Finally you will gain the skills and knowledge required to establish their own small building and construction business.

Upon confirmation of your enrolment you will be provided with a comprehensive learning resource which contains information for each topic, as well as a range of workbook learning activities which must be completed and submitted to your trainer at specified times throughout the course.

Completion of these activities help you to learn and help your trainer monitor your progress and understanding of each topic.

You will be required to attend two weekly classroom based sessions of 4 hours each or one 8 hour session, where your trainer will facilitate a range of learning experiences including:

  • trainer led instruction
  • discussion and debate
  • group learning activities
  • case studies
  • role plays


The program will be delivered over 48 weeks period in line with the supplied program timetable and during this time, you will be required to:

  • Attend classroom based training 2 evenings per week (5:00pm to 9:00pm) or a Saturday/Sunday 8 hour class (9:00am to 5:00pm)
  • Read the Learning Resources
  • Complete and submit all workbook activities
  • Conduct any nominated research
  • Discuss the topic with their colleagues and fellow students
  • Review how any relevant processes are completed in their workplace
  • Investigate how things are done in other organisations.
  • Complete the designated Assessment Tasks and submit by the due date

You will receive feedback from your trainer and assessor on all activities and will be provided with support where required.



This course is conducted at various locations across Victoria. Please contact us to find out the closest location to you. Proposed training locations are:

  • Dandenong
  • Nunawading
  • Deer Park
  • Lalor
  • Werribee
  • Cranbourne
  • Mornington
  • Blackburn


How to Enrol

If you want to enrol in any unit with BCTA, simply give us a call on (03) 8774 1681. A BCTA representative will discuss your needs with you and conduct a pre-enrolment interview  to:

  •  ensure you pick the right training to meet your needs
  •  provide an overview of content and assessment requirements
  •  discuss any previous training you have undertaken
  •  discuss costs, payment options, cancellations and refunds
  •  discuss our policies and procedures and our Code of Conduct
  •  assist you to complete the enrolment form
  •  determine whether or not you will need any additional support